Hello – if you have happened to find this blog then WELL DONE and HELLO.

Please pop over to http://shbyhollier.tumblr.com/ for all the up to date info as we are trying something new.

Thanks xx


Wowsers – I have been accepted to be part of an online pop up shop via The Penguin Network!!



There are going to be loads of great shops to check out and I am so pleased to be part of this.

Hopefully it will get the word of vegetable ivory out there further and expose lots of people to the fact we can all be part of more than just fashion!!


Wowsers here comes the summer and the heat!

It’s lovely to feel and see the sun and it makes me want to wear nice bright colours and it seems the layering trend of wearing loads of bracelets is not going away. Hopefully as I wear more and more of my creations, more and more people will want one.

No sales on Etsy, no sales on Facebook and Not on the High street rejected me but I am going to be part of a Pop Up shop on Facebook through www.facebook.com/FollowThePenguin so who knows what might happen. Last time I was part of a pop up I got one sale so one is better than none.

Just got to keep trying and getting it out there – just hard work with a full time job and a part time one at the zoo but maybe I will get a stall at the zoo which would be a great place to see my stuff.

I have decided to offer a top tip whenever I blog with my experience in this world of crafting and trying to sell.

So today my top tip is to follow and like lots of people on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest (or whatever platform you use) that are relevant to your field. That way you can get ideas, support and often get some inside knowledge too. But DO NOT start copying makes as that is not right. I have been able to get loads of knowledge and supplier ideas from following some FAB pages.

Happy Tuesday to you all

Didn’t make it onto Not on The Higstreet – I understood their reasoning but someone has to be brave and take a chance…..one day!

At least it is the weekend now and I am off to see Robbie Williams tomorrow night!! I am working tonight and Sunday night but Robbie in the middle is going to make it AMAZING.

Jewellery wise I am going to launch the Hollier Collection soon with some limited edition pieces with more vegetable ivory in them and hopefully some carved charms that I am going to ship in from my supplier so who knows what will happen next!

So the Peace Festival was not the money maker we had hoped by everyone we saw/spoke to said we had a great idea and one lady found us on Facebook and then came down to say hello!

We now have an online store which you can access on our Facebook page or through Etsy on http://www.etsy.com/shop/SHbyHollier – sadly it is in USD on there but on Facebook it is in pounds! 

I have also applied to be on Not on the High Street so we will see as it takes at least 7 days for the application. I hope that my few little things I make will be good enough as I am going to be adding lines in as soon as I can.

The next thing is to do silver smithing and get silver charms adding into the range somehow…..maybe just a silver charm course first then…..

Oh yes my new ink – this is just after it came out of the cling film so is sore in this but now it is much better – the top left star was done 3 years ish ago the new stuff is the swirls and the other stars!!



So today I have made bracelets and earrings so I was on a role and then the light went so I am now watching TV – but a necessary break needed!

I have also bought some table cloths, canes for my display, twine for tying stuff up and I am now making neat piles of the stuff I need to take with me for the weekend.

My lovely hubby has made me some price pictures so there will be a picture of the jewellery and the price in a nice little frame! 

It has been a busy day and tattoo time tomorrow – I am having my little star on my wrist made into something more creative. Exciting…..

Now all I need is GOOD WEATHER please!

Had a lovely day off with hubby today after travelling to pick up my bessie mates Hen Party pottery. We had a lovely day in Worcester and am home, had a bath and am ready for bed…..but we have some handmade scotch eggs to munch on a The Fall to catch up on.

So tomorrow is going to be busy:

*Buy photo frames
*Buy printer ink
*Print out pictures and price lists
*Make some keyrings/earrings and sparkly bracelets
*See a man about my tattoo – which I am getting Thursday!
*Sort out table cloths and pretty pink squares
*Punch out some elephant confetti

Well that’s a lot for one day – good job I have all day/night Thursday too!

Hope you are all well out there in Blogsville and that life is treating you as well as it possibly can – see you tomorrow…….I hope!

Whoops, where did that time go then? Have you got it?

Soooooo,  it is this weekend and am I ready……well I suppose so?!?! I have made a fair few bracelets and am concentrating on sparkly ones this week but today I have been in London sorting out my back and am now off to sign language class and tomorrow I have a day out with my hubby to Hanbury as we need some time off every now and then!

So Weds and Thurs will be busy busy busy as I am working Fri morning and evening, then we will be off to the Peace Fair and to try and expose the expected 100,000 visitors to the world of vegetable ivory! Let’s hope people like what they see.

Right off to my night class I must go – see you soon

Yesterday was too busy to blog – sorry!
I made some new bracelets, swam and went to work so it was a little crazy.

Today I am making more bracelets and I am going to try and make a necklace that is in my brain as I dont just want to offer rings and bracelets – yes I am going to make some earrings but time is short and I need a quick win.

Need to book a hotel, find some tables and think about some signage…..oh and some display stands – where is the time going and I am working again tonight!!!

Off to eat and make – take care all

Today I had to take out ickle hedgie to the vet – he is fine, just to get him checked out now he is home with us. He has a course of lung worm treatment as a precaution but the vet couldn’t believe how social he was which is a massive thanks to his last owner.

Anyway….no swimming today just making. I have been making my staple piece bracelet but they take time and I have no idea if I am going to have enough or the right colours but I am going to offer a make while you wait service and make anything the customer wants.

I am off to see my friend this evening for a drink so I have already made a lasagne for tonight so my and hubby can eat when I get in.

Tomorrow I will be swimming and have to leave the house at 3.30pm so I have to crack on and next week I am determined to have at least one day out with my hubby!

Oh heck – I still don’t have any tables……..better get on then!